A photographer captured a dramatic moment as a crocodile shockingly turned cannibalistic, devouring a baby reptile in a raw display of nature’s brutal survival instincts.

These amazing photos show the moment a cannibal crocodile eats one of its own and gulps it down whole in a fearsome display of its predatory instincts.

Incredibly, the unsuspecting baby crocodile found itself caught in the massive mouth of its elder – which quickly snapped shut its jaws before swallowing it.

The huge Nile crocodile was photographed feeding on the baby croc in a waterway in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Once the crocodile was within its grasp, the massive cannibal then clamped down its famously powerful jaws

Like it would with any other prey, once the baby crocodile was crushed the beast then prepared to swallow it

The 32-year-old said: ‘I was stunned when I saw this.

‘I have never seen this kind of behaviour before. I later spoke to some professional guides with many years’ experience in the African bush, they too had never seen this before.

‘Adult crocodiles prefer to take down larger prey for energy efficiency and thus adults rarely tackle such small prey.

‘Their prey consists almost exclusively of larger mammals, although they do also eat fish, birds or reptiles as they are opportunistic hunters.

‘Crocodiles very occasionally turn to cannibalism and eat each other. They do this when there’s an absence of prey or food competition, doing what is necessary to survive.’

Nile crocodiles are prevalent in Kruger National Park and are the second largest reptile in the world – second only to their cousin, the saltwater crocodile.

Found throughout much of Africa’s central, east, west and south countries, the massive creatures have been known to grow up to 20ft in length.

The baby crocodile’s scaly tail can be seen hanging out of the predator’s mouth as it begins feasting

Tossing its head back into the air, it uses gravity to help tumble the helpless creature down its throat

Within seconds the baby crocodile was almost completely swallowed with only its tail still visible

Crocodiles are one of the most feared predators on the planet and are known to turn to cannibalism when there is an absence of prey


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