A mysterious flying object spotted in the night sky has left people baffled. This intriguing sighting, captured in a now-viral video

With the incidents still fresh, a video is going viral as it shows an “Unidentified Flying Object” (UFO) in the night sky.

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In January and February this year, mysterious balloons were sighted in the USA and it was alleged that they were “spy balloons” deployed by China. The balloons were shot down by the United States Air Force on the order of President Joe Biden. There were accusations and counteraccusations between the two superpowers, with one side claiming that they were deployed for surveillance and the other side claiming that they were civilian, mainly meteorological, airships were blown off course.

With the incidents still fresh, a video is going viral as it shows an “Unidentified Flying Object” (UFO) in the night sky. It looks like a spaceship but that is only a hunch. Till the time of filing this report, neither the location nor the identity of the UFO have been established.

It does get a bit spooky since there have been reports of the world’s leading space agencies not denying nor confirming the presence of extraterrestrial life, or alien life as it is more popularly called.

Nevertheless, people have come up with their own explanations. Sharing a few with you.

?? Your Opinions Aren’t Facts @clarkpetion305 Replying to @WowTerrifying, “One of Elon’s vehicles ?”

Kingme ? | sgt frog ? @Kingmeh220501 Replying to @WowTerrifying, “That’s keroro platoon’s spaceship”

Druw @itsmedruw Replying to @WowTerrifying, “Casper i believe”

Chip @ChippoJefe Replying to @WowTerrifying, “It’s Sky Squid!”

MyUplayName @MyUplay Replying to @WowTerrifying, “Is that… no… THE BATTLEBUS! (Gangnam style plays)”

last of the brohicans @brohicans Replying to @WowTerrifying, “Looks like landing lights turned on”

Daquavious Mingleberry (Alpha Male) @PlutoNeverBroke Automated Replying to @WowTerrifying, “That is the moon”

Scar Faced Librul @mushmabubba Replying to @WowTerrifying, “Looks like a rocket.”

Hashin_Crypto90u @Crypto_Hashn90u Replying to @WowTerrifying, “That’s T’Challa”

Satya Sukla Baidya @Sanupersee Replying to @WowTerrifying, “balloon?”


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