A dog, starved to near death, experienced a miraculous recovery, brought back from the brink by dedicated caregivers, turning a story of neglect into one of hope and renewal

Imagine if someone purposefully stopped you from eating until you almost died. That’s how Angel’s story begins – but thankfully, not how it ends. Read her story of tragedy and rescue below.

Angel’s owner starved her on purpose – almost to the point of death. Her organs had started to shut down and she was weak, afraid, and in pain. You could tell how much pain she was in just by looking at her face. Fortunately, she was rescued just in time. Read her full story of pain and rescue below.

Angel had been unloved and mistreated for a long time. Not only was her body shutting down, but so was her spirit. Luckily, some loving people were able to rescue her and change her fate.

Normally, when dogs reach Angel’s level of starvation, it’s hard to say if they will make it or not. In other words, it was touch and go for Angel. She was very fortunate that the people who rescued her knew just what to do. They gave her IV nutrition, small amounts of food throughout the day, antibiotics, and medicine for her pain.

As the days went by, Angel got better and better. “We lent her our strength, until one day she found her own,” said Rescue From The Hart, the group responsible for saving her. Angel’s recovery went so well that she was even able to stand up all on her own!

As they continued to give Angel the diet and medical care she needed, she gained weight and was no longer weak. Her health improved and so did her spirits. While making friends at her foster home, Angel also got some wonderful news: she had found her forever home!

We understand that it’s easier to not know some of these horror stories. Animal abuse is always tragic and heartbreaking. However, they can also end on an uplifting note with a happy ending just like Angel’s story. But the only way that can happen is if people are aware of them and support rescue groups like Rescue From The Hart and others like them. These organizations depend on donations to help them rescue and take care of animals like Angel. While we understand that not everyone can donate, you can definitely share stories like this to inspire others to support animal rescue organizations.

Please, share Angel’s story and other abuse survival stories so that these rescue groups can continue to make a difference and help animals like Angel get their happy ending.

Watch Angel’s amazing story below and make sure to share it with friends and family.


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