A Compassionate Touch: Woman’s Act of Kindness Persuades Man to Surrender His Neglected Dogs

Woman Uses Kindness To Convince Man To Surrender His Neglected Dogs

A woman used kindness to convince a man to give her his severely neglected puppies and their mama.

The Frankie, Lola and Friends dog rescue got a call about some neglected dogs in Los Angles, California. One dog, the mom, was chained with a heavy chain and severely underweight. Her puppies were living in filth and neglected alongside her.

When Lisa arrived at the man’s house to investigate, she was pleasantly surprised that he eagerly let her onto the property. However, what she found was disturbing. The condition of the dogs, especially the mama dog, was desperate. Despite being neglected, the mama dog happily wagged her tail at the newcomers and offered them a cheerful greeting.

The dogs’ owner slowly gathered the puppies and handed them over. It was evident that he knew he couldn’t care for that many dogs on his own. However, one all the puppies were loaded, he made it clear that Lisa wouldn’t be taking the mom dog. According to a video by The Dodo, he pointed to the chained, underweight dog and said, “She’s not going anywhere.”

Determined not to leave any dogs behind, Lisa secured the puppies in her van before returning to discuss the mama dog. She kindly applauded the man for doing the right thing with the puppies and offered gentle suggestions on how to help the mama dog live a better life. She shared with the man that she wanted to get the mama dog fixed, vaccinated, and up to weight, and offered him blankets and a dog bed for her to sleep on.

After hearing the woman’s kindness and genuine concern for the dog, the man seemed to have a change of heart. He told Lisa, “Open the car.” Then, he unchained the mama dog and allowed them to take her.

While the situation he was keeping the dogs in was dire, it was clear he had good intentions. Sometimes even the best people can end up over their heads with dogs or other circumstances – and not know when to ask for help. But as Lisa demonstrated, a little kindness and support can sometimes go a long way.

Thanks to her kindness and the dogs’ owner’s good intentions, all of the dogs were able to receive the help that they needed. After being vaccinated and cared for, the puppies were fit into wonderful forever homes with trustworthy families.

As for the mama dog, she went to a foster to gain some weight and recover her health. AT her new home, she gained around 15 pounds in just 15 days! She really opened up and let her loving, playful personality shine through.

Watch the beautiful rescue below:


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