A badly injured dog undergoes an amazing transformation, becoming the happiest girl on wheels, radiating joy and resilience despite her challenges

When Sydney and Henry first saw Bunny, the dog was dragging herself over to them. The stray dog’s head was swollen, her hind legs were broken and not working, and she was being swarmed by flies.

“Oh my God, this poor dog,” Henry says upon seeing Bunny in a video of the rescue. “We can’t leave this dog here,” Sydney responds. Henry agrees so they pick Bunny up and load her up in their van to take her to a vet in Ensenada, Mexico.

They were told Bunny had been hit by a car three days earlier and her family had not come to her aid but Sydney guessed it had been much longer than that since Bunny had been hurt. The vet confirmed that it was closer to a month, according to the local animal rescue Los Adoptables A.C.

Bunny spent 7 days at the vet before Sydney and Henry drove her to the United States where she went into foster care with the help of Los Adoptables and The Animal Pad.

After three weeks at her foster home, Bunny got fitted for a wheelchair and when the day arrived for the big reveal, she was greeted by a clapping crowd of fans. Bunny is so delighted with her new set of wheels she immediately scoots around. It’s really amazing how quickly she takes to the wheelchair. Her foster mom is so stunned she exclaims, “Can you believe she just did that? She just took off.”

Bunny got her wheelchair with the help of Mercedes Benz and Eddie’s Wheels. Bunny has transformed into the happiest she’s ever been.

Since her initial rescue Bunny has been through some serious health setbacks. She’s had her back legs removed and got through that but then had a few scary visits to emergency surgery due to complications from her spay surgery. But The Animal Pad revealed that Bunny pulled through the health crises and she is back home with her foster.