15 Garden office ideas to create a serene space to work outside

A garden office is a pretty dreamy setup for anyone who works from home. For one, you’re away from the house – and you’re surrounded by

nature. Plus, you get to enjoy a mini commute that helps to keep work and home life separate. So it comes as no surprise that the garden

office or ‘shoffice’ was found to be one of the most valued garden features for homebuyers in 2022.

From trendy pods to repurposed summerhouses and revamped garden room ideas, there are loads of ways to extend our living spaces

beyond our four walls. Our garden office ideas offer the advantage of providing a quiet pocket away from the main hubbub of your main


Garden office ideas to inspire

While working from home has plenty of pros, the daily leisurewear wardrobe and extra time in bed being just two, it also can prove hard to

stay motivated to work when in your own environment. Our homes are the space we create to relax and retreat from the busy outside world.

So that doesn’t bode well with turning them into a home office.

That’s where having a garden office to escape to can be a very happy resolve. With home working set to stay, maybe it’s time to venture out

into the garden – for pastures new!