You See That Face: Antelope’s Sending Honey Badger Flying After Repeated Aggressive Attacks in South Africa

Hilarious photos show the moment a honey badger instantly regretted picking a fight with a massive oryx in South Africa.

The determined critter visited a watering hole at Etosha National Park when it was catapulted into the air by the antelope.

Unable to mind its own business, the honey badger repeatedly picked a fight with the oryx who used its horns to fling it sky-high.

Move out of my way! A wild honey badger is clattered by an antelope it fought in South Africa

The pesky critter is flung 20ft into the air by the beast after repeatedly charging at its feet

A close-up on the badger regretting its decision to scuffle with the oryx at Etosha National Park

The photographer who captured the images said the badger approached the antelope at a watering hole when it tried to attack.

‘It kept on charging at the oryx, then the oryx would hook the badger between its horns and toss him five or six metres into the air,’ said Dirk Theron.

‘The first time I thought the honey badger must be dead or seriously injured, but it just got up, shook itself and then charge at the oryx again!’

The honey badger frustrated the antelope who was braced in a defensive position

As the honey badger charged, the oryx lunged before hooking it in its horns and launching it

Photographer Dirk Theron thought the badger might have died but it got back up for more

Honey badgers have a reputation for being aggressive animals.

At least two famous Australian sports stars nicknamed themselves after the fearless creature, Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo and rugby player Nick Cummins.

Ricciardo explained he saw a documentary on the badger native to parts of Africa when he chose to adopt the moniker.

‘I thought it was awesome. I had a lot of honey badger qualities so it started from there,’ he said.

Sports stars have nicknamed themselves ‘Honey Badger’ based on their fearless qualities


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