Watch: Unity and Strength in number. Troop of baboons аttасk and Ьeаt a mighty leopard up.

If you are about to get yourself into a fight, you always want to make sure that the other side doesn’t have reinforcements.

This leopard found that out the hard way as it tracked down a singular baboon back to where its troop was hanging out. The big cat thought that it might be able to choose one of the group and go after it, but the rest of the baboons there weren’t going to let that happen.

I’d say this is the best showcasing of strength in numbers in the wild I’ve ever seen. Only one baboon would have a hard time fending off a leopard attack, but 20 to 30 of them all fighting against the predator definitely swings the battle into the favor of  “team baboon.”

As the leopard chases the baboon up the road and back into the troop of baboons, the monkeys realize what the big cat is trying to do and decide to make a stand. The leopard might have had its teeth in the baboon it was chasing for a moment, but it quickly got overwhelmed by the sea of monkeys coming to fight it off.

Things get ugly real fast for the leopard, who quickly falls to the ground as the baboons screech and pummel the larger animal without mercy. Once the big cat figures out this isn’t going to go down as planned, it knows it needs to get out of there quick to save its own life.

However, the baboons don’t let the leopard leave easily, continuing to pull down and wail on it as it attempts to flee the scene. Finally, the big cat breaks away from the troop and begins to sprint away as the video cuts off.

Clearly the leopard didn’t expect the fight that the baboons brought, and quickly realized it would have to find something else “on the menu” other than baboon.

Take a look at the wild animal encounter footage below:

Social media users were astounded by the baboon team work to help their fellow troop member, sending replies out underneath the video saying:


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