Watch: Photographer Captures Terrifying Jaguar Showdown Over Territory on a Brazilian Riverbank

This is the moment two jaguars face off in a vicious fight over territory.

One remarkable shot shows the long fangs of the jaguar, trying to warn off the intruder with a thundering roar as the pair clashed while hunting by a river in Brazil.

Another amazing image captures the jaguar’s stretched out body in its efforts to deliver a fatal blow.

Photographer Reynaldo Leite Martins Junior caught the moment two male jaguars fought on a riverbank in Brazil

At first the animals were wary as they circled each other

Then one of the beasts bared his fangs as he let out a terrifying roar

And leapt dramatically into the air in a bid to injure its opponent during the standoff

Dentist and wildlife photographer, Reynaldo Leite Martins Junior, 53, from Mato Grosso, Brazil, took the photographs from a boat as he tracked one of the jaguars during its hunt.

The fight only lasted for five minutes but Mr Martins said it was a ‘magical’ experience.

‘I often go to Porto Jofre, a specific region of Pantanal that is the best place in the world to jaguar watch, one of my favourite animals, which always provides good pictures,’ he said.

The pair fought ferociously for supremacy on the river bank each trying to land a vicious definitive blow

But said Mr Martins the encounter only lasted five minutes before the naturally solitary creatures went their separate ways

He added: ‘Witnessing the encounter on a beach, in plain view, was a magical moment that released a significant amount of adrenaline and endorphins into my body.

‘I hope my photography stimulates people to experience these places and animals in person, and that this knowledge awakens a need to preserve these kinds of environments.’

And the losing beast slunk away to link his wounds


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