Watch: Heartwarming video of Mother Elephant insisting humans to help save her calf

A mother’s love is pure and selfless, she can go to extents when her child’s life is in danger. Whether in humans or animals, the mother-child love is common in all. If you are an avid social media user, you might have definitely come across such videos showcasing mothers sacrificing so much for their kids. In the light of it, a video of a mother elephant that has surfaced online, shows how the giant mammal stepped on to the road to ask humans for help to save her calf.

In a video shared on YouTube channel named Nature and Heritage on April 11, 2022, a mama elephant can be seen desperately asking for something from the passersby. Although seeing the wild people were frightened at first, it was quite obvious that she was not there to harm anyone. As the video continues, it shows a few villagers joining in to shoo away the animal. They even burst crackers, but the mother didn’t budge. She stood still waiting for people to understand that she needs help.

Further in the clip, the elephant can be seen successfully leading the rescuers to a manhole in which her baby had fallen into. Soon after, people gathered there started digging the mud near the hole to create a stair like structure for the baby jumbo to climb on.

The smart baby took the hint and rescued itself from the muddy pond and walked straight to its mother standing behind the woods.

Netizens were in awe after seeing the video, they filled the comment section with praises for the people who understood the mother’s pain and helped her. People also made emotional remarks on how selfless a mother’s love can be.

Watch Video Here:

(Video credit- YouTube/NatureandHeritage)

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