WATCH: Elephant Trapped In A 50-foot Well Rescued After 13-hour Operation In Tamil Nadu

A sub-adult female elephant weighing approximately three tons fell into a dry farm well on Thursday at Yelagundur near Panchapalli village in Tamil Nadu.

A sub-adult female elephant fell into a 50-foot-deep well in an agricultural field at Yelagundur near Panchapalli village in Tamil Nadu’s Dharmapuri district in the early hours of Thursday. The landowner found the animal trapped in the well and immediately informed the police.

A team of forest officials rushed to the spot and have successfully rescued the wild animal after 13 hours of operation using two cranes. According to reports, the elephant ventured into the field in search of food before getting trapped in the deep well.

The development in the rescue operation was shared by Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan on his Twitter account. He wrote:

A video of the rescue was later posted by ANI:

Elephant reunited with the herd after rescue

In another similar incident a six-month-old elephant calf was rescued and reunited with its mother and herd after it fell into a well in a paddy field in Lipiya village of Ramgarh district on Friday, a forest official said.

Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), Ramgarh, Ved Prakash Kamboj said the elephant calf fell into a low deep well in paddy farmland in a remote village under Gola block of the district but was rescued safely by a forest department team with the help of local villagers and the calf was later happily reunited with its mother and herd.

A herd of tuskers with the calf rushed to paddy farmland in search of food and the calf slipped and fell into a well early on Friday, said an official. He said the forest department team rushed to the village and started a rescue operation with help of locals and rescued the calf safely and reunited with him with the herd waiting for the calf in the nearby paddy field.

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