Watch: Diver Captures Bгeаtһtаkіпɡ Scene of 20 Blue Sһагkѕ Feasting on Whale сагсаѕѕ off Bahamas

This is the incredibly stunning moment a diver approached a group of sharks as they devoured the carcass of a dead whale off the coast of the Bahamas.

Christopher Crooks used an underwater camera to film the feeding frenzy near the Bimini islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

He came within a few feet of the predators as they circled the carcass and tore off pieces of the dead whale with their razor-sharp teeth, but the sharks paid him no attention.

Feast: A bull shark swims towards a severed piece of the whale carcass off the coast of the Bahamas

Feeding frenzy: Bull sharks gather around pieces of the dead whale

The whale had previously washed up on the shore of Bimini and Mr Crooks and a friend decided it would be a good idea to tow the remains out to sea to lure predators.

Once the bait was set it did not take long for half a dozen sharks to pick up the scent and make their way to the carcass.

Christopher Crooks used an underwater camera to film the feeding frenzy near the Bimini islands

Mr Crooks and a friend towed the carcass out to sea after it washed up on the shore

More than half a dozen sharks can be seen feasting on the carcass during the one-minute video.

Mr Crooks said the experiment had worked as well as they could have expected.

‘We weren’t disappointed,’ Mr Crooks wrote online. ‘Within 45 minutes we had five bull sharks and a silky shark enjoying the carcass.’


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