UFO Enthusiasts Excited Over аɩɩeɡed аlіeп eпсoᴜпteг сарtᴜгed by Wildlife Camera in Pennsylvania Forest

Photos Credit to ADGUK (Alien Disclosure Group UK)
Please note this is a forest cam that uses infrared at night and ir will photograph things the human eye cannot see. The alien creature in the background was probably not visible to the deers eyes (cloaked) and that is why it is semi-transparent. SCW

ADGUK reports:
Very creepy image of an unknown creature captured on a deer/trail cam in Northwest PA, possibly Kinzua/Allegany National Forest. Creature seems to be sitting down and laughing or maybe trying to communicate with the deer, who knows! What is it, an Alien, Zombie or something else. Thanks to Peter Duffy for sharing the image.

This is very similar to another forest cam alien sighting in Dec 2010, news report and new video below.

BERWICK, La (NBC 33)”An NBC 33 viewer claims to have caught an “alien-looking thing” on a deer cam. He chooses to remain anonymous but says the pic was taken on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City. The viewer says the cam itself was busted when it was found, but the SIM card was still in it. The viewer claims this is NOT a hoax. NBC 33’s Tyler Gamble finds answers today. Watch NBC 33 News at 5 to see what he can find out.”


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