Trail Cam Captures Incredible Footage of Hog Defending Against Wolf Pack

Wolves like bacon, too.

It’s pretty incredible what a trail camera can capture.

Used for a number of reasons, whether it’s to keep an eye on the kind of deer or elk that are on the hunting property, monitor trespassing, study wildlife, and sometimes just to get cool videos, they can be a hunter’s best friend.

According to Field & Stream, this particular video comes to us from Poland, where wildlife photographer Slwomir Skukowski set up his camera in the woods near the village of Mrzeżyno.

And what he saw was a once in a lifetime kind of encounter… a wild boar fending off an onslaught of attacks from a sizeable wolf pack.

Even he admitted he’s never seen anything like it, as he told the Głos Szczeciński newspaper:

I have been setting camera traps for many years, I have seen many things, but this is a lifetime first.”

Wolves not only work as a team, but they naturally do it so well. They find strength in numbers on top of their already impressive speed and strength, making them one of the most feared in the wild.

For a lone hog, you’d think they wouldn’t stand much of a chance against these wolves, but think again.

This fella is quite agile, quite aggressive and appears to do more than hold his own… fending off attack after attack from this wolf pack.

No word on whether or not the hog survived beyond what we can see on the camera, but even if he tired out eventually and succumbed to the wolves, he sure as hell put up a fight.

Poland actually has a quite a robust hog population, and they’re hunted quite regularly in an effort to keep the populations down. But much like here in the United States, they breed faster than you can hunt them.

Poland is also home to some of the best hunting in Europe with the most popular game species being roe deer, red deer and wild boar.

You can also find fallow deer, types of sheep, waterfowl and in some areas, even European bison hunting is permissible.


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