Touching Moment: Dog rescued after becoming stuck for days in a muddy river bank

Dogs that live in streets are often faced with different dangers, but thanks to kind humans they receive the needed help.

On April 25, in Ulysses, Kentucky a poor dog in danger was rescued after being trapped in a river bank for days, according to the rescuer who helped the dog to get out of that dangerous situation.

Darrell Perkins published the rescue video on his Facebook page, and he told for Storyful that Ginger the dog, was missing for days before they heard her howling coming from a river nearby.


In the video, you can see poor dog who is scared and out of energy, but the rescuer does an amazing job ensuring scared creature that everything is fine now and he is safe and out of danger.

Poor Ginger was so weak, couldn’t even walk up the hill, and if she wasn’t rescued now probably soon will have drowned.

But thanks to the heroes that rescued her, she is now safe and in her recovery road at a local animal hospital and they are sure the dog will make a full recovery.


Thank you kind human heroes, who give all to save the poor animals.

‘Well I certainly have had an eventful day what had happened is that my sister and brother-in-law’s little dog from next door has been missing since Friday and we just knew she was dead somewhere but this morning I was getting in my van to go to work and I hear a lot of howling it sounded like it was coming from the other side of the river but by knowing that Ginger was missing I thought I would investigate..’ Perkins wrote on Facebook.

‘…as I walked the River Bank I found Ginger stuck in the mud and in Creek Water next to the river she had been there since Friday I’m thankful that the river hadn’t raised a couple feet or she would have drowned I didn’t know what to do so I called my neighbor Mitchell McCoy and I called Johnny Rickman the dog warden for Lawrence County he came right away.

‘I could not have rescued the dog by myself the hill was too Steep and muddy and right against the river so with their help we got Ginger safely to the top and she is now at Tri-County Animal Clinic thank you Johnny and Mitchell for the rescue,’ he added.

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