Tiny Hero: Courageous Chihuahua Defends Home Against Robbery, Emerges as a Hero

Chihuahuas are remarkably brave despite their little body. They do not recognize or grasp the size of other canine breeds that may rise above them; nonetheless, they do not flinch, often fighting foes up to four times their size with courage and strength.

Pincky, a tiny Chihuahua from the Compostela municipality of Nayarit, in Mexico, has generated a stir on social media for his valiant defense of his home after a burglar stormed in and attacked him with an intimidating pitchfork, an item used to plough the ground.

As the thief stole into the house, it wasn’t until hours later that Pincky was discovered; his body was wedged between the gallows. He was promptly brought to the ER, where vets tried to save his life.

When the dog arrived at the veterinary facility, the physicians were startled to find a pitchfork still trapped in its body: it had pierced from the spine to one of its limbs and testicles. Fortunately, none of these vital organs were injured by this deadly equipment.


“One of the spikes of the fork went through from the spine to a testicle, andaother of them through the entire leg, fortunately none of these punctured any vital organ. After undergoing surgery, we were waiting to see how he reacted since the infection was really dangerous.

This brave animal spent an entire week at the clinic, being observed and given veterinary care to keep diseases away from his wounds. Fortunately, for him and his family, he emerged triumphant and joined them at home.

After considerable contemplation, the family has chosen to report their Chihuahua’s assailant to the police for justice.

Social media has been tremendously affected by this small dog’s courageous deeds, and many have expressed their thanks for his courage through prayers, good words, and a very beautiful painting.


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