The Heart-Wrenching Story of a Devoted Pup’s Six-Year Battle Against a Debilitating Salivary Tumor, A Consequence of Neglectful Ownership

A heartwarming story has surfacedaout a beautiful dog who is finally getting the medical attention he needs after being neglected by his former owners. Apparently, Jake’s previous family loved him dearly, but unfortunately, they failed to seek medical attention for him when they noticed his face starting to swell due to a large salivary tumor. This neglect lasted for an astonishing six years until Long Way Home rescue group stepped in to help.

As per the owners, Jake, the adorable indoor dog, has been suffering from a salivary tumor for six long years. The owners believed that the tumor was triggered by a snake bite. Despite this, Jake is a very well-behaved dog who is toilet trained, friendly towards other dogs, and even knows how to shake hands. This information has been shared by the concerned organization.

Following Jake’s discovery in a distant part of Texas last week, Cribs for Canines has been actively negotiating with his family to obtain custody so that he can receive the necessary veterinary treatment. Jake is currently being treated in Waco, and he has already experienced significant improvement after undergoing a large fluid drainage procedure. This information was conveyed by the organization.

We want to express our appreciation to the amazing staff at the Texas Animal Medical Center located in Waco for their exceptional care of Jake. Dr. Lide and his team have been diligently working on treating Jake’s condition by draining 1200cc of salivary fluid from his neck. The results can be seen in the last two photos as it has made a significant difference. Thank you again to the wonderful team at Texas Animal Medical Center.

Jake experienced a significant milestone after six long years as he was finally able to turn his head. It was a seemingly effortless feat that brought him immense relief. He also seems to be doing well in terms of his eating and bowel movements, and has a positive outlook overall. The agency reports that Jake appears to be in good shape.

It cannot be guaranteed that Jake will completely recuperate, but a dedicated team is putting in endless efforts to provide him with the best possible chance. To keep up with Jake’s rescuers, check out their Facebook page by clicking on the link.


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