Terrifying moment crocodile attacks rival in incredible wildlife photo

It’s a croc eat croc world! Giant reptile devours smaller rival after epic battle

These are the amazing scenes when a large crocodile devoured a smaller rival, tossing him around a waterhole like a rag doll.

German wildlife photographer Jens Cullman captured the stunning images beside a waterhole at Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe.

As he sat with his camera, beside the water hole he witnessed a violent eruption from the water. Cullman saw a powerful large adult crocodile attack a younger, smaller juvenile.

The smaller reptile did not stand a chance after it was gripped by the larger beast and held in the tight embrace of a death roll.

Cullman said: ‘There were lots of loud bangs as the dead croc repeatedly hit the water surface.

‘Lots of birds around the waterhole were hanging around, hoping to get a piece of him. But in the end the big croc swam away with the dead croc.

‘It was a very rare sighting – I’ve never heard of a cannibal croc before!’

German wildlife photographer Jens Cullman captured the stunning images beside a waterhole at Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe

As Cullman sat by the edge of the water with his camera, the serenity was broken by a large crocodile brutally killing a younger rival

The larger beast grabbed its younger rival by its tail, giving its victim no chance to fight back as it slammed it into the water

Another young crocodile looked on from the edge of the waterhole while the one-sided battle continued

Despite the nearby violent scenes and the death struggle only a few feet away, dozens of wading birds stood impassively

Almost inevitably, when the large crocodile resurfaced, its younger rival was no longer moving and was presumably already dead

The younger crocodile lost a section of its tail during the uncompromising battle which led to its untimely demise

The larger crocodile shook its victim a few more times to ensure that it was finally dead before relaxing and preparing for lunch

Crocodiles can easily spend 15 minutes underwater while in some situations they are able to hold their breath for up to two hours

Although after killing its prey, this crocodile swam off to a quiet section of the waterhole before devouring his fresh meal

Cullman said he was surprised to see the cannibal crocodile attack and kill his younger rival in such a brutally efficient manner

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