Tearful Neighbors Bid Adieu as Beloved Dog Embarks on Final Walk to ‘Doggie Heaven

People in one Pennsylvania neighborhood came out to say goodbye as a dog took one last walk before leaving for “doggie heaven.”

As anyone who has had a pet knows, animals are special creatures. They add so much love, joy and friendship to our lives. With their unique personality and ability to love wholeheartedly, animals quickly become more than pets. They become members of the family. In Dupont, Pennsylvania, one elderly dog, through the years, became a beloved member of the neighborhood.

Mellow’s owner, Kevin, received terrible, horrible and devastating news, according to Newsweek. It’s something that no animal lover or pet owner wants to hear: your pet is sick.

The mixed-breed pit bull, Mellow, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. What a heartbreaking diagnosis to hear about a dear and beloved friend.

Following Mellow’s diagnosis, Kevin came up with a unique idea. For the past seven years, Mellow and Kevin’s routine has been to go on two daily walks around their Pennsylvania neighborhood, according to a video posted on YouTube.

“So, I decided that he should have one last, sort of, ceremonial walk around town,” Kevin said. “And so, we dropped off letters in people’s mailboxes yesterday to let them know that Saturday night we’re going to walk around in their neighborhood. And hopefully, they’ll come out and get to say goodbye to someone they’ve gotten to know.”

The letter mentioned that Mellow would soon be headed to “doggie heaven.”

On Mellow’s final walk, people in the Pennsylvania neighborhood responded in large numbers. Three corners along Mellow’s and Kevin’s route each had between 20 and 25 people waiting to say goodbye, Newsweek reports.

One woman, who lives in the area and came out to say goodbye to Mellow, Kelly Warunek, said Kevin’s idea was “extremely heartbreaking and also heartwarming.”

“My husband, Mark and I, went to his first corner stop. I cried at first when he was saying bye to his dog, but I got it together when he came up to me for pets,” Kelly said.

What a beautiful way to say goodbye to an animal that obviously meant so much to many people.

Proverbs 12:10 “A righteous man respects the life of his animal, but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”


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