Rescuers Find Dog Covered In Tar, Trash, And Dumped On Side Of The Road

When rescuers first met Champi, they weren’t even sure they were looking at dog. The young puppy had been covered in tar, trash, and then dumped on the side of the road in Solapur, India. When rescuers from Animal Rahat (which means “relief” in Hindi) first found her, the dog was “stuck to the pavement, unable to move.”

Rescuers carried the dog back to their facility, where they carefully rubbed her with vegetable oil to remove the tar, a process which took four days. “Champi must have been so uncomfortable, but she was brave through it all,” rescuers shared in a video documenting the dog’s rescue story.

It would take much longer for the dog’s skin to heal, but Champi remained patient and brave throughout this terrifying ordeal. Even so, rescuers understood that the dog’s injuries weren’t just physical. It would clearly take time for this wounded pup to learn how to trust people again.

But rescuers’ efforts gradually efforts paid off. The dog’s damaged skin gradually healed and revealed a healthy coat of brown and white fur. Meanwhile, the cheerful pup began charming rescuers with her growing personality, so much so that one of them even decided to adopt her. “Despite the ordeal, her sweet and playful personality began to shine through, and when she was finally tar-free, one of her rescuers made her part of his family,” the video explains.

Nowadays, Champi has grown into a happy and healthy girl who is enjoying her best dog life in a safe and comfortable home filled with other rescued animals. “Now, her fur has grown back and she spends her days running in the fields at her new home and playing with her animal friends, including some rescued chickens,” Animal Rahat explained. Thank you for giving this sweet girl the best dog life she deserves!

Find out more about Champi’s rescue story in the video below!

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