Rescued Owl: Miraculous Recovery After Being Trapped in Manure Pit for Days

Where is the last place you’d hope to end up if you were injured? Somewhere incredibly unsanitary and smelly sounds like about the worst place, right? Thankfully, this story has a happy ending for one stinky owl who ended up stranded in a manure pile.

While we know very little about how the great horned owl ended up in the manure pit, we do know that he was gravely injured when a vigilant State Game Warden stumbled upon the heart-wrenching scene.


The poor owl was suffering from severe dehydration and traumatic eye injuries caused by an unknown assailant’s BB gun. The warden wasted no time in reaching out for help, contacting Raven Ridge Wildlife Center in Washington Boro, Pennsylvania.

The center’s dedicated team of caregivers and volunteers swiftly sprang into action.

“This Owl was stuck in a manure pit for at least two days, and upon arrival it was evident that he was severely dehydrated, weak, eye trauma, and layers of dried manure,” Stated the rescue on their Facebook page “We were able to bathe the owl very carefully, start fluids and eye treatment.”

The severity of the owl’s eye trauma was soon uncovered by Tracie Young, an employee at Raven Ridge. Tracie made a startling discovery — the BB pellet responsible for the owl’s injuries was lodged within their eye socket.


Initially dubbed “Stinky” due to the owl’s rescue location, the bird’s arduous journey demanded a name more befitting everything they overcame. Thus, “Lucky” emerged as a more fitting moniker.

The story of Lucky the owl serves as a poignant reminder of the cruelty that animals can endure at the hands of humans. It also shines a light on the capacity for compassion and the transformative power of empathy. The owl’s journey touched the hearts of thousands, inspiring hope and rekindling a sense of responsibility toward the welfare of all creatures sharing our planet.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Raven Ridge, Lucky the owl is considerably less stinky and on his way to recovery. If you’d like to support Raven Ridge Wildlife Center and their efforts in rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife, you can visit their website here

Remember, if you encounter injured wildlife you should always contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for guidance.


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