Remarkable Rescue: Giant Catfish Attempting to Swallow Basketball Saved by Quick-Thinking Passersby

Massive Catfish Gets A Basketball Stuck In Its Mouth

I was perusing websites this morning on the hunt for some weird. I came across a page with a story written on it. I hate reading stuff so I nearly skipped on by. I thought it was another one of those tall tales that someone tells without offering any proof that it happened at all.

Well this one was different and here’s how it goes…

A chap called Bill Driver lives in Wichita, KS. One day he saw a ball moving about on the surface of the lake in a strange way so he went off to investigate. It turns out it was a large flat head catfish with a basketball stuck in its mouth. It was at this point that I was waiting for the punch line, I mean that couldn’t really happen could it? I know fish are stupid, but why would it bother to even try and eat something that big, it can’t have smelled delicious?

But low and behold, the pictures were posted:



The cat fish was exhausted from trying to dive but being kept afloat by the ball. It probably got pretty peckish too. Bill and his wife couldn’t get the ball out of his gob so they had to cut it so it would deflate and be released.


Cat fish can’t actually speak, but I bet it would have said “thanks” if it could… and probably added “please don’t eat me”.


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