Rare Footage: Yellowstone wolf, alone and injured, shows true grit against coyotes in Desperate Bid for Food

It’s no secret that wolves are not meant to be messed with, as they are potentially some of the most dangerous creatures in the world, especially when they are ready for a nice meal.

This video from a group at Yellowstone National Park is the perfect example, proving that wolves will snatch their prey from rivals at all costs.

In the footage, you can see a few coyotes feeding off of a dead bison at the park, as they already had their hands full trying to fight off a number of other swarming scavengers.

All of a sudden, a wolfwith a broken leg lurks onto the scene, processing how it will be able to obtain the dead bison all to itself. However, this desperate wolf wasn’t afraid to tangle, even though it was hobbled.

This would normally be an easy win for the wolf, but since it’s planning an attack on three legs, the creature knows it’s gonna have to put up the fight of its life against these coyotes in order to take home food.

The playing field has been leveled.

Sure enough, the wolf approached the dead bison and coyotes. The coyotes attempted to intimidate and scare off the approaching rival, but ultimately, the coyotes knew this could potentially be a messy situation they wanted no part of.

Needless to say, the wolf gets the last laugh, as it forced the coyotes away.

Imagine working out at Yellowstone, and seeing this kind of stuff every single day.

Living the dream, I’d say.

Yellowstone Pack Of Wolves Play With Traffic Cone

You never know what you might see at Yellowstone National Park.

Maybe it’s a majestic bison stampede, or maybe it’s a rare wolverine sighting caught on camera. Hell, you might even see a wife tear into her husband because he let their pit bull get too close to a bison, and get launched.

This time around it’s a pack of wolves frolicking with… a stolen traffic cone.

From Kyle Warren who took the video:

“Some of the members of the Wapati Wolf Pack were feeding on a bison carcass. They had taken one of the traffic cones several days prior from the road.

I thought the wolves were leaving the area. Instead, they grabbed the cone and started playing with it. The end of the video shows the pups playing on a snowbank.”

Wolves are something else.


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