Nothing like a hug from mum! Bureaucrat Shares Video of Mother Kangaroo’s Loving Embrace, Melting the Internet’s Hearts

A person commented, “This made my heart smile.”

A mother’s love knows no boundaries. It is a special bond that only a mother and her child share. It is a pure emotion and the unwavering love of a mother never ends. Proving this just right is a video of a mother kangaroo and her joey. The video was shared by Indian Administrative Officer Supriya Sahu on Twitter. In the video, both the child and mother were seen hugging each other and the internet couldn’t keep calm at this moment.

In the video, the joey is seen embracing its mother, while she carefully holds the child. The mother kangaroo can be seen giving her little one a lot of kisses. The mother’s love was clearly seen in the video and it’s wonderfully touching.

Watch the video here:

The short clip has 1.2 lakh views and three thousand likes. “Most Precious. Credits- in the video #motherslove #wildlife” reads the caption of the video.

“Mothers love. Protecting her child from the odds. Now that is priceless!!” said one user.

A second added, “Mother-Child chemistry would always remain:Undefined.Too good a video.Thanks, Madam, for uploading it.”

“The hug of mother and child. Human emotions (ma ki mamata) and animal emotions aren’t different!” said another person.

“Wonderful. They live in the wild. They have their rules. They follow it to the T. They too have emotions. We need to do everything possible to save them.” commented a user.

A person commented, “This made my heart smile.”

“Wonderful moments! Expression of unconditional love !!” added another user.

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