Mystery Rescued: Woman Saves Teггіfіed Unidentified Creature, Baffles Vets and Curiosity Grows

A mystery animal found by Christina Eyth in Pennsylvania leaves wildlife experts baffled as they struggle to identify the creature’s species.

On a cold, snowy day in Pennsylvania, a set of paw prints led Christina Eyth on quite the adventure!

Christina noticed the prints outside her door and worried a lost pet may be seeking refuge from the weather. But as she went to investigate, the mystery animal she found didn’t look like any pet she’d ever seen before.

“I peeked outside the door, and that’s whenever I noticed the animal… And it was so scared and cold and shivering,” she said.

Christina Eyth had no idea what the animal was. But one of God’s creatures needed help and she knew in her heart the right thing to do.

“I wasn’t quite sure, but…it was scared and it was cold and all I could think about was this animal needed help,” she explained.

Christina used food to help coax the animal into her basement. The poor thing was clearly scared but not aggressive in any way.

From there, Christina connected with a local wildlife rescue group and told them about the mystery animal she’d found. They took the poor creature with them so they could provide treatment for mange, as well as look for some answers.

They too, could not immediately identify the species of the mystery animal found. Dog? Coyote? Something else? Figuring it out will take more time and some testing.

“I honestly can’t definitively say what it is,” said Morgan Barron of WildLife Works Mount Pleasant.

However, regardless of the creature’s species, Christina Eyth doesn’t regret rescuing the mystery animal she found. And she plans to continue supporting her new, furry friend in any way she can.

“No matter the results to the test, I wouldn’t have changed anything I did to help him,” she said. “If he turns out to be a coyote, I will be there for when he is released. And if he turns out to be a dog, my husband and I would love to adopt him when he recovers enough to be adopted! I feel so grateful and blessed that I noticed his prints and followed them.”


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