Mysterious Black Triangular UFO Spotted Hovering Over Germany on October 1, 2023

A mysterious sighting of a black triangular object hovering in the sky over Germany has left a witness baffled and wondering what they had seen, reports

The strange phenomenon was captured on video by an anonymous person in the city of Karlsruhe on Sunday evening. The witness described the object as resembling a “paper glider-like object,” but said that it moved in a way that defied explanation.

The witness also claimed that their phone started to malfunction shortly after they recorded the bizarre UFO, sparking rumors that there might have been some kind of ‘alien interference’ involved.

The video, which was shared online, shows the dark triangular shape floating in the sky, occasionally changing its orientation and speed. The object does not appear to have any lights or other features that would indicate its nature or origin.

Some possible explanations for the object include a drone or a remote controlled device, but it is unclear why someone would fly such a thing at night and without any lights.

Another possibility is that the object was a balloon that escaped from somewhere and was carried by the wind, but that does not account for its odd movements or shape.

Of course, some UFO enthusiasts have suggested that the object was an alien spacecraft, perhaps conducting some kind of reconnaissance or surveillance mission over the city.

However, without any further evidence or confirmation, the true identity of the object remains a mystery. The witness said that they were perplexed by what they had seen and hoped that someone else might have seen it too and could provide some answers.

They also wondered if their phone’s technical issues were related to the UFO or just a coincidence.


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