Mother’s Hurt: Moose Charges After Grizzly Bear That Took the Life of One of Her Calves in Glacier National Park

Nature is a cruel beast.

Grizzly bears require a lot of food to survive, eating up to 30 pounds per day. The sad truth to this is that they need to use the least amount of energy they can getting it and that often results in them targeting the youngest and weakest of all other wildlife, and in some cases even their own kind.

Moose are one of those targets and moose calves especially have a rough go in areas with high grizzly populations.

This instance is the perfect example of how tough it can be for moose calves, as the second these two youngsters were born, a hungry grizz was already looking for a meal.

A group of tourists got the full show while sitting lakeside on a balcony in Glacier National Park in northern Montana.

“Right outside of Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park, a moose gave birth to two calves.

Almost immediately a grizzly began stalking them day and night. Safely from a balcony of the hotel, I’ve been able to record different interactions between the grizzly and moose.”

Unfortunately, the bear was too relentless.

The next video starts with a fairly young grizz approaching two moose calves by the lake as their mother stands over them.

Being very careful not to make any sudden movement and spur an attack, the mother moose tries to get its young to move into the water behind her. She is clearly weary of the grizzly and knows what these animals are capable of… they’re stone cold killers.

The grizzly gets close and makes its move to get ahold of one of the calves. He is successful in the sad scene as the helpless mother watches her newborn calf fall prey to North America’s most savage predator.

However, mother moose won’t let the same fate befall her other calf.

The next clip shows the moose having enough of this grizzly’s shit. The grizzly goes for round two with the other calf but there’s no way the mother is letting the next go this easy.

She starts to put the run to the grizzly as she chases it around and down the road. As the grizzly high tails it away she’s right on his ass making sure he gets a clear message.

Her ears are pinned straight back, a clear sign that this ain’t no moose to mess with.

The grizzly realizes it is in some trouble if it stays around so it makes tracks for safer ground. I mean, one was enough… this bear just got selfish. But, will the grizz be back later for more?

It seems like likely…

The things you see in these parks… consider making a trip this summer.


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