Mother Seal’s Heartbreaking Battle to Protect Her Deceased Pup from Jackals in a Tug of War [Video]

Often times, we tend to only see the beautiful parts of nature.

However, there’s also a very dark side to nature, and can get incredibly brutal when it comes to a creature’s efforts to survive.

And here is a prime example.

It’s uncertain where this incident occurred, but the jackal is indigenous to eastern and southern Africa.

Here we see a seal and a black backed jackal fighting over the seal’s aborted pup.

You can tell that even though the pup was already on the verge of death, the mother is doing everything in its power to protect the creature.

They proceed to get into a near tug of war battle to see who takes sole possession, but ultimately, the black backed jackal ends up victorious.

In a heartbreaking end to the footage, you see the jackal take off with the pup, with the mother doing what she can to chase the creature down, but stood no chance of catching back up.

As far as why the pup was aborted, the caption explains:

“In an attempt to protect her aborted pup, a mother seal inadvertently ends up in a tug of war with a black backed jackal.

Seal moms will sometimes abort their pregnancies due to lack of nutrition – if they can’t feed themselves, they won’t be able to handle the rigors of pregnancy. Even though there is zero chance that her pup will survive, she wasn’t ready to let go just yet.

The jackal had plans of her own.”

Check it out:


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