Mexico’s Discovery of the World’s Second Largest Blue Hole Unveils Possibilities of Alien Life Forms

THE world’s second largest blue hole has been discovered in Mexico – and it could be a window into alien life forms.

Researchers sent shockwaves through the science community after stumbling upon an enormous blue sinkhole.

Blue holes are similar to sinkholes on landCredit: Alamy
Researchers believe that looking at the life forms within the hole could be a window into alien lifeCredit: Alcérreca-Huerta et al/Frontiers in Marine Science

The hole has been named Taam Ja’ which translates to ‘deep water’ in MayanCredit: Alcérreca-Huerta et al/Frontiers in Marine Science

And although they’re not expecting to find aliens in there, they believe that the foreign creatures living in the cave-like space could be a window into alien life forms.

The scientists who worked in connection with the public research centre El Colegio de la Forntera Sur have said it is most likely “the deepest blue hole in the region”.

Blue holes are vertical marine caves that have been formed over the stretch of thousands of years following the Ice Age, and are often hundreds of feet deep.

They are also widely recognised as “ecological hotspots” with a mind-blowing variety of plant and life species living within them.

Known as Taam Ja’, which translates to “deep water” in Mayan, the giant underwater cavern is around 900ft deep – over 25ft taller than the 60-storey Bank of America Corporate Centre, the tallest skyscraper in the American South.

The enormous water cavern also has an area of 147,000sq ft.

“Blue holes may offer a snapshot of what life was like thousands of years ago,” reported LiveScience.

“It may also tell us more about life on other planets”.


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