Look deаtһ in the fасe һelрleѕѕ baby monkey clings to its deаd mother as she’s carried in leopard’s mouth

THIS is the tragic moment a defenceless baby monkey clung to its dead mum as her lifeless body was clamped in a leopard’s jaw.

The vervet monkey in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, refused to let go of its parent even after the predator had pounced.

The helpless monkey clings to its dead mum as a leopards eats her

The leap of leopards, led by a female known as Olimba, then killed the defenceless youngster.

The heart-wrenching moment was caught on camera by wildlife photographer Shafeeq Mulla from Chipata, Zambia.

He said: “Nature is not always pretty and this picture definitely shows us the harsh reality of life.

“To have a sustainable environment, animals need to die for others to survive.”

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The photo was snapped in October, but has recently been shared.

It comes after a photographer captured a similar scene where a baby monkey clung to its mother as a lion ate her.

Hendri Venter, 60, caught the moment in South Africa’s Zimanga Private Game Reserve.

The 400-pound lion can be seen sinking its teeth into its prey as the baby monkey clutches on.

Hendri said: “As a safari guide, I’ve seen many cruel wildlife encounters, but this tops them all by far.

“Nature – as wonderful and incredible as it can be – can also be frightful, even bordering on atrocious but this is the reality of it.

“Life and death play out in all of our lives. It’s never easy.”

The amazing pic was taken in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia