Lone Baboon Was Surrounded by a Pack of 20 Wild Dogs. What Did He Do to Escape?

A lone baboon found itself surrounded by a pack of African wild dogs in a rare encounter. It had to find a way out.

34-year-old Marcel Kühn, an online personal trainer and avid wildlife enthusiast, had this unforgettable sighting during his camping trip in Satara. He shared his footage and story

“It was an early morning drive down the H1-3 towards Skukuza, the air filled with anticipation as we left behind the open plains that surround Satara Rest Camp. As we neared the Tshokwane picnic spot, a pack of wild dogs emerged on the road.”

Wild dogs, also known as African painted dogs, are an endangered species, and witnessing them in action is a rare privilege.

Baboon stuck between wild dogs and is forced to escape!

“For the next half-hour, we followed the pack with excitement and wonder. The wild dogs then ran into a troop of baboons. Most of the baboons scattered at the sight of the wild dogs, but to their surprise, one brave baboon stood his ground. Fearlessly, he faced the formidable pack, refusing to back down in the face of danger.”


“The lone baboon showed no signs of panic and stood as if it were not surrounded by Africa’s most successful hunter! The African wild dog, with an 80% successful hunt rate, is one of the most feared jaws in the bush. But not for this baboon.”

Watch the video:

“We held our breath as the standoff between the baboon and the wild dog pack continued. Despite the intensity of the moment, the confrontation lasted only about a minute. The wild dogs, seemingly losing interest, eventually retreated into the bushes.”

“My theory as to why the wild dogs didn’t attack the brave baboon is that these intelligent animals were well aware of the baboon’s fearsome canine teeth, which are longer than even a lion’s. Knowing the potential harm the baboon could cause, the wild dogs may have considered the confrontation not worth it.”


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