Heartwarming Encounter: Helpless Baby Deer Runs Out of the Forest and Appeals to Woman for Rescue

The poor little fawn couldn’t even stand on his own when he crossed paths with a woman.

We’ve seen countless rescue missions wherein stray animals find it very hard to trust humans, especially when they have experienced abuse and neglect. It is their lack of trust that makes them behave aggressively towards their rescuers, making the mission more difficult than just grabbing them and getting them to safety.

However, for one hiker, the experience of saving an animal from the wild is quite different. Instead of the wild animal hiding from her, the little fawn that she met on one of her walks even went straight to her.

It was as if the little baby deer was asking her to help him.

Amber Starr Westphal was out for a hike on her usual trail in North Carolina when she came across a tiny fawn who was walking in her direction while making small, squeaky noises. She stopped in her tracks and waited for the little animal to finally reach her.

The fawn was so weak and appeared to be very hungry. Once she reached Amber’s legs, the deer instantly suckled on her ankles, thinking he would be able to get some milk from them.

Amber caught the heartbreaking scene on her camera and was at a loss on what to do to help the little deer. It was something she has never experienced before and she did not know how to respond. The poor fawn could not even stand up on his own and looked like he was just born that day.

She stayed with the deer for a few more minutes, helplessly watching as the baby animal was trying his best to get some food from her. She figured she needed to leave him if she wanted to give him food. Amber lost sight of the fawn and after twenty minutes of trying to locate him, the hiker could not really find him anymore and hoped that the fawn was finally with his mother.

That night, Amber could not stop thinking about the poor baby deer.

Amber has gone home and went on to do her usual tasks. She hung out and did her laundry, but at the back of her mind, the image of that tiny fawn who was desperately asking for help kept on popping up on her mind.

She couldn’t handle the anxiety and intense concern she felt towards the fawn and decided to go back to the trail even if it was already dark and late in the night. She thought they won’t be able to find him anymore until her companion saw the fawn on a rock, sleeping soundly.

She named the young deer “Scout”.

Back at home, Amber immediately sprung into action and prepared milk for the hungry deer. There was not much she could offer because of the pandemic, and stores were already closed by the time they reached the house.

Amber improvised and placed milk inside a clean rubber glove and perforated it so the deer can suckle on one of the fingers. The fawn hungrily sucked on the glove, finally getting something to keep him going for the night. Amber could not help but feel sad for the fawn as she watched him desperately sucking on the glove for some much-needed food.

The fawn is one brave animal, so Amber decided to call him “Scout”.

Amber called several facilities for wildlife rescue and fortunately, she was able to contact the Turner’s Deer Camp Fawn Rescue, who agreed to meet with Amber the next day. She took Scout to the facility and there, the little fawn received proper care and nutrition.

While at the camp, it was estimated that Scout is probably around a couple of days old. He almost did not make it and is lucky to have found Amber who rescued him just in the nick of time.

As it turns out, deers who just give birth have the tendency to abandon their newborns, especially if there is something wrong with the little ones. It is assumed that Scout was found to be weak that his mom left him to fend for himself out in the woods. It was a beautiful blessing from above that Amber was at the right place, at the right time to see this poor fawn and save his life.

Scout will be staying with the camp for a few months and is expected to be ready to go out to the other deers’ home in the facility last October.


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