Heartbreaking Rescue: French Mastiff Saved After Brutal Burial by Abusive Owner, Now on the Path to Recovery

“Some humans are capable of unspeakable acts that make us question our own species. Animals, on the other hand, act out of necessity – hunger or fear – never inflicting pain or torment for pleasure.

Today, we share the heartbreaking story of a dog who fell victim to the cruelty of a sadistic owner. This French Mastiff endured unimaginable suffering, as her owner took pleasure in burying her alive and cruelly restraining her. This is a story of inhumanity that we cannot ignore.

But this story takes a turn towards hope and resilience. This brave French Mastiff, despite the odds stacked against her, refused to give up. She fought to survive, clinging to the hope that someone would rescue her from this living nightmare.

That someone turned out to be Pedro Dinis, an animal lover who was simply walking his own dog in Carrieres-sur-Seine. It was a day like any other until his dog’s behavior led him to an unthinkable discovery – a dog buried alive, left to die a slow and agonizing death.

The poor dog was surrounded by stones, her head restrained by a bag of gravel to prevent escape. Pedro knew he had to act quickly and gently. With his bare hands, he unearthed her and provided water to ease her parched throat. Remarkably, she remained remarkably calm throughout the rescue.

This resilient survivor, now named Athena, was rushed to a veterinary hospital for much-needed care. Weak and dehydrated, she was out of immediate danger. Yet, the scars of abuse ran deep, and she displayed signs of arthritis, a painful reminder of her past. With dedicated care and rehabilitation, Athena found a new and loving home with the Delfosse grandparents, where she will know the happiness and security she deserves.

Justice was not blind to Athena’s tormentor. Authorities located the owner, who attempted to deny his heinous actions, claiming she had run away. But the evidence spoke louder than his lies. A dog suffering from arthritis can’t simply run away or bury itself. Justice prevailed as he faced charges of animal cruelty, a penalty of two years in prison, and a substantial fine exceeding $30,000.

Athena’s story is a testament to the resilience of animals and the compassion of those who refuse to stand idly by in the face of cruelty. Let it be a reminder that we must continue to speak out against such acts and protect the innocent among us. #JusticeForAthena #EndAnimalCruelty”


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