Heartbreaking Betrayal: She Was Depressed, Trying to Hide Her Tears After Believing in the Wrong Owner

According to Paws Paws the INSTITUTO SOS 4 PATAS PARANÁ had been contactedaout an injured dog that was abandoned under a tree and soon as they received the signal their nearest rescuer rushed there to examine the issue.

They noticed that the dog was not just abandoned but was also experiencing some major injuries. They noticed that the dog was bleeding all over the face and her nose was bleeding had swollen eyes as well as an injury to her neck.

They quickly decide to take it and move to the nearest shelter where they can take care of the sad dog.

Some tests were begun only to determine whether the dog was contaminated by any other diseases or not.

The dog was finding it pretty difficult to even stand on her own legs and chose to sit down which showed that something was bothering her fairly significantly.



Results of the tests shows that he has a broken jaw some and sharp objects are detected in the stomach. Doctors then started doing more tests to understand what those objects are in her stomach and the results are rather alarming.

Eventually they were successful the procedure was so traumatic for the dog she instantly passed out. Doctors retrieved those sharp objects and they were bits of steel that were in her gut.

Finally she can start feeding on his own but doctors are not giving him substantial food. They are giving him liquid food for now so that it becomes simple for her stomach to digest these food.

Day by day the dog is already feeling a lot better and her appetite is improving and has already, started making friends.


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