Friendship in Action: Tortoise Teamwork as One Helps the Other Get Back on Its Feet, Bringing Cheers from Children

There are times when we all must admit defeat and reach for a helping hand.

And when this tortoise flipped over on its shell, it was lucky enough to have a supportive friend to help him get back up again.

The tortoise was caught on camera upside down, wobbling on his shell and helplessly waving his feet in the air.

Here to help: A tortoise has ended up on its shell, but fortunately he has a friend to help him

Fortunately, another tortoise comes along to lend a helping shell to the situation.

After a short initial struggle, the second tortoise managed to flip his friend back onto his feet and the two friends waddle off into the sunset.

The incident was filmed by YouTube user AuDi Yu when the amateur videographer visited the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan in November.

The incident was filmed by a YouTube user who visited the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan in November

One, two, three, go! In atypical tortoise style, the job is slow and takes its time

Nearly there: With one final push, the second tortoise manages to flip the first one back onto his feet

Let’s go buddy! The two tortoises happily waddle off into the distance


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