Former Air foгсe Captain Alleges ‘UFO аttасk Left ɡᴜагdѕ ѕсгeаmіпɡ’ and Accuses Government of Deception

Ex-US Air Force captain Robert Salas revealed when he headed a base in Montana, US, in 1967 a guard claimed ‘strange lights’ were heading towards them and were ‘pulsating’

An artist’s impression of a UFO at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana in 1967

A former US Air Force captain has broken his silence on a “UFO attack” and blasted a government “lie” over a craft that “left guards screaming.”

Robert Salas headed a Malmstrom base in Montana, US, in 1967, when a guard came towards him and claimed “strange lights” were heading in their direction.

In an episode UFOs: Investigating the Unknown on National Geographic, Mr Salas revealed ten nuclear missiles were hidden in a subterranean bunker when the reddish-orange lights were “pulsating.”

He said the “hovering motionless and without sound, and there was a solid object within the light that was oval-shaped.”

Mr Salas didn’t believe the guard and joked: “What, like UFOs?” but the guard replied: “Well, they’re not airplanes sir.”

The guard was stunned after witnessing the alleged UFO attack with the official left screaming amid concerns over a potential security risk.

Retired Air Force Captain Robert Salas blasted a US government ‘lie’

He said: “About 5 minutes later, he calls back and he was screaming and very frightened, he was babbling, saying that he had the guards out there with weapons.”

The captain immediately demanded nothing entered the fence areas as he assumed the US Air Force were under attack.

The US nuclear missiles malfunctioned which, to this day, officials have been unable to explain as the former captain believes the “reddish-orange” object that headed towards them was a “UFO attack.”

He revealed the terrifying incident caused the missiles to deactivate which led to an investigation by the US Air Force.

But following a three year investigation, the US Air Force stopped its investigation and reported no sighting had ever posed a threat to security.

However, Mr Salas hit back at the report and claims “that was certainly a lie” as the incident left his guard “screaming.”

But despite the claims, National Geographic said, although the strange objects didn’t pose any threat to US national security, the malfunction of the US nuclear missiles left officials baffled.

‘Strange lights’ were heading towards them, according to the ex captain

It said: “There is no evidence that mysterious objects represent any threat to U.S. national security.

“But, harrowing incidents of UFO sightings continue, and the unexplained malfunction of US nuclear missiles after an incursion leaves the US defenceless. ”

It’s not the first time a UFO has been spotted after former US Navy pilot Lt Ryan Graves said he saw the objects “pretty much daily” while he was on duty.

He admitted he came across flashing lights, strange crafts, and other things he couldn’t explain.

Mr Graves told CNN: It was almost as if the sun was shining a flashlight (on the UAPs).

“We were trying to figure out what the heck these things were. We were seeing them pretty much daily. We would go out there and they would be out there in the morning, they would be out there in the evening.

“These things were pretty much always out there. That would range from two to three of them, to six or seven.”


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