Enigmatic Disclosure: UFO Expert Drops Clue to Secret Location of Crashed Alien Spacecraft Storage

A giant alien spacecraft, too large to be moved, is concealed beneath a well-known building somewhere in the world, according to noted investigative journalist, Ross Coulthart

A respected UFO expert has claimed that a crashed spacecraft “too large to be moved” has been stored somewhere in the world, and that a well-known building was constructed on top of it to keep it secret.

Australian investigative journalist, Ross Coulthart says he won’t name the building, because he thinks that might spark a “storm Area 51 type scenario,” but he’s dropped several cryptic hints about its location.

Coulthart explained on the UK-based That UFO Podcast: “I’m under an obligation as a journalist to ensure that I heed the laws of my country, as well as yours and America’s. People like Julian Assange are in prison right now because they didn’t heed National Security constraints.”

“I can’t tell you the country it’s in,” he said. “It’s not America, but what I can tell you is that the place where it is kept is used for another purpose.” He says that – whatever this building is – it’s known for being used for a “laudatory” purpose.




He says the building is used for the benefit of people around the world, but making its name public “could create an international incident.”

“People are going to question what I’m about to say,” Coulthart says. “What is some of that s*** is so big it can’t be moved?

“So big, they built a building over it… in a country outside of the United States of America. I know that sounds preposterous,” he adds, but some of these objects are not capable of being moved because they’re too bloody big.”

He says that he was told this bombshell news by “multiple “ trusted sources. “I don’t give a f***” what the sceptics say”, he says, because what they say is “irrelevant.”

While exactly what Coulthart is hinting at remains a mystery, we may not have too long to wait before we find out the truth. He has also boldly proclaimed that the US government is set to reveal the truth about its dealings with extraterrestrials “within the next 12-18 months.”


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