Doggy demands! Pup tells her owner EXACTLY what she thinks with hilarious signs (and wins thousands of Instagram fans)

This little furry protester is sure to catch your attention – and melt your heart – with her hilarious demands.

Baboy, aka Dog with Sign, is a one-year-old  pup from New York poses with protest signs on her Instagram account, winning her more than 18,400 followers.

The pooch, who is adorable with her fluffy black and sand mane, holds the signs between her teeth in the pictures taken by her owner.

And now BoredPanda have compiled a hilarious gallery of some of Baboy’s most adorable signs, including  demands like ‘stop pretending to throw the ball’ and ‘stop cutting treats into smaller treats’.

‘Brutally honest’ pup Baboy, one, from New York, has charmed thousands online with her adorable looks and hilarious protest signs, warning her owner to stop blaming her farts on her

The cute pooch delights her 18,400 followers with the hilarious scenes, including attacking her owner for their bad behaviour like ‘pretending to throw the ball’

Baboy, adorable with her fluffy black and sand mane, can often be seen posing on the streets of New York with her hilarious scenes (pictured in the East Village) telling her owners to stop cutting up her treats

Attention, dating app users! Baboy is onto you and your dog-related shenanigans on Tinder or Hinge (pictured in the Lower East Side) and tells her owners to stop using her as a pick up line

Some signs are more a reflection on Baboy’s feelings in particular situations, like this hilarious ‘poop strike’

The pup does not take kindly to orders and will make it known with her hilarious signs, like this response to a ‘curb your dog’ sign in one of New York’s street

In a more wholesome video, Baboy can be seen holding a Christmas greeting and a candy cane in her mouth

The adorable pup has amassed more than 18.400 followers on Instagram thanks to her cute looks and funny protest signs

Her owner put the one-year-old is fun and varied situation, like in this homeware store filled with toilets

Ahead of the new year, Baboy’s owner photographed the pup with this plea to rush the tradition ball dropping ceremony on New York’s Time Square

Some of the signs also contain confessions, like this one taken at Grand Central station which advertises the fact Baboy loves ‘smelly socks’

Like another other pooch, Baboy is suspicious of the mailman, according to the protest sign written by her owner

In another cute snap taken on a sunny day, Baboy is asking that humans stop judging dog pageants

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