Deer Stuck in Icy Water and ‘Too Tired to Move’ Brought Safely Back to Land by Rescuers

The deer was pulled to safety and then covered in blankets for warmth

Oh, deer!

A deer’s commute through Lakewood, Colorado, was halted by a treacherous detour. According to Denver 7, the animal wandered into a frozen-over water reservoir and soon got stuck in the icy soup inside.

Local animal control was contacted about the stranded stag and they reached out to West Metro Fire Rescue for help retrieving the animal. Firefighters responded to the call and found the deer standing in the middle of the reservoir, “too tired to move.”

The rescuers quickly set to work, cutting a path through the frozen crust of the water to the deer. After clearing the way, firefighters carefully and safely walked the deer back to shore, where they were greeted by more rescuers ready to towel off the frigid cutie.


The woodland creature was given a break from the winter weather, thanks to an animal control van on-site. West Metro Fire Rescue posted several photos of the deer on Facebook, warming up and getting some well-deserved rest.


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Thankfully, the deer’s unexpected dip into the reservoir did not lead to any serious injury. After taking three hours to warm up and get the feeling back in his hooves, the deer went back into the wild, reports The Denver Post.

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