Band Of Lost Puppies Run Down Road Looking For Help

“My heart sank with fear …”

Abandoned on a country road in Kern County, California, a group of six puppies wandered down the deserted street, hoping someone might spot them. As they gazed out over the landscape, they noticed vineyards and orchards — but no humans in sight.

The area — which rescue group Bakersfield Strays later described in an Instagram post as being “the middle of nowhere” — was eerily quiet save for the sound of paws tapping on gravel.

When animal advocates at R.A.D Rescue, a rescue group that’s part of Bakersfield Strays, heard about the puppies, they jumped into action. Rescuers feared that the puppies wouldn’t make it on their own much longer.

“When I saw the puppies darting down the road, my heart sank with fear,” Yesenia Giles, a Bakersfield Strays volunteer, told The Dodo. “I was terrified that they might get hit by a car or become prey for a coyote. But I also felt an overwhelming urge to help them and give them a fighting chance.”

At first, the puppies were wary of human intervention and would run away when anyone came near. But Giles and rescue team member Natalie Arakel were undeterred, and eventually managed to trap every puppy, bringing them to safety.

The puppies went to Pups Without Borders, where they were given lots of food and water and examined for injuries they may have sustained during their time alone.

Rescuers were thrilled at how well the puppies adjusted to shelter life and how quickly they began to rebuild their relationships with humans.

“They’ve made remarkable progress since their rescue,” a Bakersfield Strays representative told The Dodo. “[They’re] adapting well to life in a shelter and learning to trust humans again.”

Pups Without Borders housed the puppies as they recovered and eventually facilitated their adoption process. It wasn’t long before every single puppy had found a loving forever home.

Finally safe with families who will never abandon them, these puppies can rest easy knowing that their days of wandering alone are over for good.

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