A Heartbreaking Encounter with a Newborn Buck in the Kgalagadi – Beauty and Sorrow Amidst the Herd’s Unyielding Efforts

Two eagles try to catch a baby buck when its herd abandons it for not fitting in because of a deformity.

Tony Ferri, a nature enthusiast fortunate enough to witness the sad sequence of events unfold, shared it

“On a calm morning in the Kgalagadi, my eyes caught sight of a herd of springbok. In the herd of springbok, a newborn lamb struggled to stand, burdened by a deformity. It was both beautiful and sad at the same time. The herd tried endlessly to help the little one stand, but had no success.”

“The herd gathered around the lamb for over 30 minutes; they showed incredible patience and determination, nudging and encouraging the little one. However, despite their efforts, it became clear that the herd needed to make a difficult decision. Reluctantly, they began leaving one by one.”

Springbok herds stick together and rely on unity to thrive. These antelopes form strong social groups that help them overcome challenges. They communicate and stay close, working as a team to find food and water and avoid predators. Their coordinated actions and constant vigilance demonstrate the power of unity in overcoming obstacles and ensuring their collective survival.


“A tawny eagle, scanning the surroundings, spotted the vulnerable lamb. Recognizing an opportunity for an easy meal, the eagle swooped down in the blink of an eye. The eagle looked at the lamb closely. I watched in awe as the eagle carefully assessed the situation, fully aware of the potential risk.”


Tawny eagles are skilled hunters that seize any opportunity for a meal. With their sharp eyesight and quick decision-making, they can take advantage of vulnerable or unguarded prey. Whether it’s a weak animal or a newborn left behind, these eagles have the instincts and agility to make the most of any chance they get. Their adaptability and focus make them successful predators.


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